The following slideshows illustrate projects I have designed, and an assortment of the native plants I frequently use in my work.

Designed Landscapes

I hope these photos of my work will give you a good idea about my particular style and approach to creating comfortable home landscapes. Here you can see that I favor using Goshen Stone native to my region and/or other locally-harvested stone, and that my style tends to be relaxed and informal, but that even formal designs can be made inviting and livable. You can also see an assortment of native plants "in action" here in my designs.

Favorite Native Plants

Please enjoy here a small sample of the hundreds of beautiful plants native to western New England, where most of my projects are located. In every project, my goal is to have at least 80-90% of the plants be regionally-native, and to avoid using ornamental varieties whose flowers, foliage or fruit do not contribute to local bio-diversity.

Some Sample Plans

Below is a collection of plans and drawings I have created for my projects. Where noted, two or more plans show different aspects of the same project. All of these images together give you a good representation of my design style and the hand-drawing I do for all projects. Please take a look at the "Designed Landscapes" portfolio to see some of my built landscapes. They, too, started out as drawings like these.

“Sue Reed’s book amounts to a conversation with the author, who gently but inevitably convinces us to integrate thoughts about energy into all our concepts of action and beauty. She brilliantly focuses on the what and why of designing landscapes for the needs of users in the 21st century. Her poetic conclusive paragraphs should be required reading for all, and especially for landscape architects and designers.”